Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kristen Needs. . .

This has been around for a while, but it's new to me. I saw it on Anna's blog and decided to try it. Go to google, type in "[your name] needs", and discover your 10 most important (or funniest, or revealing) needs.

Mine are. . .

Kristen needs:
1. to tone down her hair color about 50 shades.

2. aspirin, stat!

3. deep cleaning.

4. to give Rob a chance. (Don't tell Dave.)

5. to dump her other boyfriend. (Oops. Don't tell Rob.)

6. advice.

7. to wash her socks.

8. a reason to believe.

9. someone with her at all times to make sure she keeps breathing.

And my favorite. . .


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Snow Day

We had so much fun playing in the snow with the Curtis' today.

We drove out past Payson,

stopped in Heber to have some fantastic burgers at Red Onion,

found a place to get the Jeep stuck (haha, oops!),

and then found a great place to sled and play.

the Hill

Dobbs' wall of snow blocks

too cute girls

Ceres blazing a trail

my snowman, made with the help of the too cute girls

E'owyn eating snow

Draven flying by

Ceres' "Fort Child Block" (made with blocks the size of small children)

When are we going again?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Double Dealing

I got caught.

I didn't know I was doing anything wrong.

It seemed perfectly natural to me.

So, last night, when my husband caught me knitting this,
Mother of Pearl Scarf by Grumperina

while watching this,

I admit I felt a little embarrassed. And a little ridiculous, since I can't knit without watching what I'm doing, which makes watching a tutorial about how to knit something while I'm knitting something else pointless and, well, *slightly difficult. I think my dearest husband called my late night excess a Knitting Party For One. Ouch!

Today, however, I found a more suitable name for it - double dealing.

Because, apparently, I wasn't the only knitter caught doing it last night.

We are so knotty.

In our household we say, "Is it pathetic? Or is it prophetic?"

I think this falls in the pathetic category.

*Colleen, can that be compared to "almost amazed"?

Friday, February 6, 2009


12 years.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dave Runs A Marathon

January 18, 2009

Dave lamented the whole time he was in line to register for the P.F. Chang's Rock 'n Roll 1/2 Marathon that he wasn't signing up for the full marathon. I was unsympathetic; I thought he was crazy. I told him to take it easy and try out the 1/2 marathon first and see how it goes. Besides, he'd need to actually train for a full marathon. Sheesh!

Dave finished the race in 2 1/2 hours. He was amazing! But his feelings were bitter sweet. Bitter that his body hurt all over, sweet that he had completed a 1/2 marathon; bitter that he may never want to do that again, sweet in knowing that he is awesome; bitter that we couldn't find him for over an hour after the race, sweet that he finally got to go home and take a nap! And I am still in awe of his ability to run 13.2 miles with minimal (and I mean minimal!) training.


Dave and Thomas ran the race together. This is before the race - all smiles.

Over 22,000 people ran the 1/2 marathon. They were divided into 24 corrals. Dave and Thomas were in corral 17. And it really was like herding cattle. When the first corral of people would start the race all the others would move forward. After a minute or two, the next corral would leave and everybody would move up again. And so on.

Reflection of the crowd in a window.
The start line.
This is just after leaving the starting line. Ok, Dave is in this picture somewhere. See the palm tree in the background? The guy in the yellow shirt and blue cap in front of it is Thomas. Dave is next to him somewhere.
In the meantime, Ceres, Candace and I went and got some breakfast at La Grande Orange (and picked up some excellent cupcakes). But first we managed to stop at the 5 mile mark and flash a sign at the boys. We thought we were pretty clever. At least one of the runners thought our sign was funny; she chuckled as she went by. Although he veered through the crowd of runners to give us a sweaty hug on the way by, Dave didn't even notice the sign.

Race completed. All smiles again.

The proof.
We didn't make it in time to meet Dave at the finish line. I was so bummed about that. But here are some pics of him finishing the race.

Fitness Tip

I have a calf muscle that is toning up very nicely, and I don't even have to work at it.

WOW, what's the secret?

I'll tell you. Get yourself a pinched nerve and let it go to town.

How do you get one?

It's simple, really. Go to physical therapy to loosen up some stressed back muscles. As those muscles loosen, your pelvis will begin to shift to a more comfortable position on the left side, and a less comfortable position on the right side. Now feel the pain on your right side as one of your nerves begins to protest, an I've-got-something-to-say-so-let's-march-down-to-capital-hill type of protest. It begins in your bum, travels down the back of your leg and settles in your calf where it initiates a game of Duck, Duck, Goose. "Duck" (feeling pretty good at the moment), "Duck" (think I might try to bend over and pick something, anything, up), GOOSE! (Ok,, that hurts...must get weight off this leg and...oh, cramp...CRAMP!)

(I like to call it my country music nerve. It twangs, I cringe.)

Cramp and release, cramp and release. Do you see now? Instant toning.