Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Series 2009 - Puppies

I forgot how adorable puppies can be. This is Rinka's four week old litter. All male. There was a female, but she did not survive - poor thing.

The light colored pup is T-Bone. Dave's decided we're keeping him. He was the biggest and fattest pup of the litter when they were born. The others have caught up to his size, but he continues to be the leader of the pack, so to speak, and very independent. The chocolate pup is the runt of the litter. His name is Rocky. His coloring reminds me of Rocky Road ice cream (mmmm, ice cream). He's still the smallest, and his brothers sometimes pick on him, but he's holding his own. I've kinda grown attached to him. From the front he looks like a little bulldog - his legs are still bowed and his front paws are huge. We don't have names for the black puppies yet. Right now they go by Gray Socks and White Socks.

For the first two weeks of their lives we didn't have access to the puppies because Rinka hid them deep under a large lantana bush (have I mentioned how much I hate lantanas?). But Ceres and Dave managed to belly-crawl their way into the den to check on them and to pull them out. We bring them inside the house in the afternoon for some A/C therapy. It doesn't matter how big a bush is, it's not going to keep them cool in 115 degree weather. In the past couple of days, however, nobody has had to crawl under the bush because the pups are hanging out outside of it, playing and napping under the shade of the pomegranate tree. Life is good for the little guys.

The Cat hates them all, of course, and sleeps on my bed until we take them back outside.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Series 2009 - Aikido

So many things to write about and no desire to write it. I blame it on the weather. Too hot, no rain - even the pool is almost too warm to enjoy. Sigh.

The days keep coming and going and I'll soon forget them. So, in no particular order, I am committing myself to a series of blog posts about this summer. Here's a list (to help remind me):
  • puppies
  • Aikido
  • shawl
  • camping
  • 4th of July
  • hoo-ha
  • boot camp
  • Candace's wedding (a year ago)
  • Baby (the dog)
Curious? So am I.

Today, I'll start with Aikido.
A year ago we put Ceres in an Aikido class to keep him active during the lazy days of his summer. We fully expected him to hate it and quit after the first month. At the end of the first class I asked him what he thought. He gave his standard answer, a shrug of the shoulders and an "it's okay", which totally got me excited because this meant he was giving it a chance. And he did. In fact, he is still studying it, looking forward to each class. And he has never once - let me say that again - not once complained about having to go. My record, I'm sorry to admit, was never that good when it came to ballet.

And so, almost exactly a year after his first class, Ceres tested for and was promoted to the rank of Rokkyu. That's a yellow belt in case you are wondering. We are so proud of him! Proud of his committment, his confidence, his character. I love this kid!

Sensei David Keller and Ceres
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