Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ai Que Vida (part 2)

This is a video I found on youtube today. Loved it. Reminds me of the way I like to choreograph - with a bit of quirkiness while maintaining technique and beautiful lines. Love the dancers, too - classically trained yet versatile.

I need to choreograph something.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Without Interruption

Things I did this afternoon.

1. Watched last night's episodes of the Office, 30 Rock and Samantha Who?. I did not watch them last night because, in a reversal of roles I can only blame on the full moon, I could not stay awake while Dave enjoyed every moment of the shows with full mental clarity and eyes wide open. I'm surprised he wasn't knitting, too.

2. Photographed the Mother of Pearl Scarf before I send it off to Elisabeth.

Even if she can't use it until October, at least she can hang it above her bed, or frame it, or twirl around her room while holding it in her outstretched arms singing "I could've danced all night" and admiring its beauty.

3. Raveled the Mother of Pearl Scarf,

and the green Bousta Beret,

and Ceres' Lacunae hat.
(Note: Downloading my pictures to the computer, then to Flickr, just so I can get them on Ravelry is a pain in my buttocks.)

4. Marveled at the amount of dust that has collected in the house since the weather got nice enough to keep the windows open.

5. Thought about how something should be done about that dust.

6. Decided the garbage is not going to take itself out. Neither will Dave or Ceres be taking out the garbage as they are camping tonight. I have reluctantly agreed with myself that I must take out the garbage because, conveniently for Dave and Ceres, I can't stand it any more. (No pictures - sorry.)

7. Snipped a little rose for my little vase.

8. Turned on Direct TV to find the channel set to the XM-Grunge music station. Left it on while I did the above items.

9. Realized that I not only recognize, but can also sing along and head bang to more '90s grunge music than I'd like to admit.

10. Felt the wind (and dust) rushing through the house, watched the clouds roll in and decided that, no matter the temperature inside or out, a nice cup of hot cocoa is in order.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Mutual, I'm Sure

Yesterday, I was getting gas at QT when I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, someone on a bike approaching me. I looked to see if I was on a collision course with the cyclist or if I was just going to be asked for money. My eyes met those of the rider, set in a skinny face, with goatee and neck tattoos. I deduced that he was only passing by, a little too closely probably, and looked back to my car. As I did so, he mumbled to me, "Try not to look so happy."

Excuse me?!

Excuse me, but was he just thinking about how he has to spend Saturday morning in defensive driving school? A beautiful morning, one of the last remaining of the Glorious Months (see previous post), seated inside a windowless building, listening to blah, blah, blah??

I think not.

Then again, maybe that's why he's stuck riding a bicycle.

p.s. I shall wear my glum expression proudly until 12:30 pm MST on Saturday, April 4, 2009, thank you very much. After which, I will put his sarcastic advise to work and turn my frown upside down, thank you very much.