Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tiny Elephant Terrors

One day, about two years ago, my dear friend told me in secret that she was going to have a baby.

"What joy!" I thought.

And then I wondered what I would make for the little darling? A blanket? Yes a blanket would be good - let's go with that. The days and months passed and I held on to the blanket idea.

"I've got plenty of time", I reassured myself.

"I'm sure I can find the perfect pattern tonight", I said as I turned on the TV.

"No worries, I'll go to the yarn store tomorrow", a forgotten statement before I even finished it.

"I can whip one out quick as that!" I lied to myself.

And so the days and months continued to pass until one day, a couple of weeks before the due date, I sat myself down and gave me a talking to. "No blanket will make it off your needles in time for this baby. Have you forgotten how slow you are? Do you not remember that sweater you promised your sister last Christmas that still isn't finished?!" And so I bonked myself on the head and decided I needed to take a different route.

Something simple, perhaps a toy. Something quick, that won't annoy. (Boo! bad attempt at rhyming.)

Amigurumi looked interesting, simple and quick. And a tiny elephant would be adorable. So I set forth to make the cutest little toy animal a baby girl could want.

Or, in other words. . .

Last August. . .no, wait. . .the August before that, in 2008, I set about to make a cute little crocheted toy for Jordyn's soon-to-be-born baby.

3 1/2 inches and 17 months later I finally finished it.

Thank you, thank you.

Let's just say me and amigurumi are not friends. And that this little project just reinforced my dislike for sewing (my apologies to the new sewing machine sitting unused for 3 years now (or is it 4?), and to my husband who was sweet enough to buy it for me when I asked for one). Eight separate pieces, crocheted and placed and sewn together. . .and then ripped out and placed and sewn again. Add to this misery my amateur status (which I thought I had overcome, but apparently not). Instead of using my brain - and putting two and two together and thinking ahead - and leaving nice long ends to use for sewing the pieces together, I cut short ends, ends too short to use for anything. Why? You tell me. I have no good answer. It was so long ago. This meant that I would end up with at least twice as many ends to weave in and hide.

So I gave up.

But last night, upon realizing that I would be seeing Jordyn and her sweet Eedy in a couple of days, I set about to tackle the beast. And tackle I did. Deep into the night. All to bring you this tiny accomplishment.

Cute, no?
Remember: 3 1/2 inches tall.
I hope it was worth it.


Craig and Jordyn Perkins said...

AhhhhhHAhhh HAhAHAHAHAHAHAH!! !!!!!!! I read your post aloud to Craig and Eedy (we all felt pretty honored to be included in your blog, to say the least!), and we LOVED every word! You even got Craig laughing! Like I've always said, talented writer, not to mention photographer, knitter, ballet-er (ha;) Pretty (name of Elephant) is VERY loved and appreciated btw. Couldn't have found a more grateful home! So in answer to your question, YES, very worth it. I feel like printing out this post and tying it around Pretty's neck just so she doesn't forget (and Edyn learns) about the hours of labor and love that went into this cute creature. :) Loved lunch with you btw, so, so fun to see you. Lets do it again soon. And take pictures. :)

Now picture a standing ovation... and there you go. ;)

Summer Spillane Jordan said...

too funny! after seeing all of your projects madison and i ran to the store and bought that book! we figured, cute, little loveable animals...perfect...we tried, and tried...never got past the how to read the patterns page. what???there's patterns in crochet? needless to say we never ended up with a cute little elephant or hedgehog as planned! this little elephant is adorable! love it! proud of you for completing it!

Candace said...

That is so cute...I mean, it is like tiny kitten cute! I was thinking about having a baby just so you would make an elephant for me...ur, I mean the baby. By the way, here's the pouf I was talking about: